Men suits collection "Man, Classic and Silk"

Men suit collection Man, Classic and Silk.

A brief look into my past

The men suits collection is one of my first major projects created during my studies at Riga Technical University (RTU). It was part of my bachelor's thesis and was featured in the 2005 “Ready to Wear” fashion show.

The clothing collection was made of five different silhouette jackets and trousers made of natural silk fabric.

It was a time when patterns were drawn by hand, using a pencil, ruler and paper. At that time, I dreamed about how much time could be saved if the design process could be done by computer software.

Many years have passed and today my dreams have come true. I work with Lectra, CAD/CAM software, and the work can now be done much more efficiently and at scale.

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Womenswear collection "Woman in Black"

Womenswear collection Woman in Black

The idea of the collection - How to make a woman's life easier

As a woman, I know that one of the first things most women think every morning, when they wake up, is what do I wear today?

I created this collection with the image of a businesswoman in mind. It consists of ten garments:

  • Little Black Dress
  • Classic Pencil Skirt
  • Tulle Skirt
  • Top
  • White Shirt Style Blouse
  • Black Lace Blouse
  • Red/Black Chiffon Blouse
  • Trousers
  • Black Jacket
  • Black Evening Dress

If your wardrobe has these essential items, you can have a different look every day just by combining them in various ways. However, there are some best practices when designing your wardrobe. You will read about it on my blog soon.

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Tweed jacket

This bespoke jacket was made by taking into account the needs of the client and the individual characteristics of the body. It is made from high-quality wool and cashmere fabric from Holland & Sherry, one of the longstanding fabric companies in the UK.

Linen dress

Traditional Latvian Summer Solstice clothing

Men vest

Tailcoat alteration

A customer came to me with a tailcoat from an online store. When the customer received the tailcoat, unfortunately, it did not fit. There was no time as the wedding was around the corner, but we found a way to quickly alter the tailcoat and it was ready in time for the wedding. The customer was extremely pleased and so was I.

Dress for girl

Flowers of fabrics

Embroidered tablecloth and cushions

I really enjoy hosting dinner parties to celebrate special occasions. A beautifully designed table and environment make the celebration special.

Sofa's cover

One day a client came to me looking to order a new cover for her sofa. I was very happy to help because I saw how sentimental the sofa was for her. It is much easier to buy a new sofa than to give a second chance to the old one, but it is often worth it.